21 Questions Game: Epic Good Questions To Ask

21 questions game is perfect for playing with your friends. You can quickly get to know their secrets by asking the questions. 21 questions game is a real jam if you have an excellent collection of questions. You can play this game with your group of friends, or just two players are enough to play questions game. Sometimes, we want to know the habits or interests of a person, but we can’t. This question game is chance and doesn’t wast it with usual questions like “how are you?” or “what’s up?”. We are listing the best collection of Good Questions for 21 questions to ask a boy or girl. 

21 Questions Game
21 Questions Game

In this list, you will not only get just questions but the explanation as well that what you will get in return if you ask this question. Remember, some of the questions can embarrass the other player, so be careful while choosing the right questions. Always select a good question to ask if you are playing in a group, but you can select embarrassing one as well if you are playing face to face. 

How to Play 21 Questions Game?

Well, there are several ways to play this game. It depends upon players of the group that how they want to play, but if you are looking for rules, we are going to mention some of the rules which can be followed to play a fair game.

Face-off or Two Players Only

There is a simple rule of playing that game with two persons. You only have to do a toss, which will decide who will make the first to ask a question. There will be two passes for each player. Pass means that one player can deny answering for two questions of his/her own choice. You can play this game of face-off with your life partner or with a friend.

Round Circle

This type of 21 questions game you can play with the whole group of friends. You need to sit in circle shape, and a random player will start this game by asking a question to his/her right side player. After that question’s answer, player B will ask a question to the next person until the starting player answer a question.
Every player will have 1 pass. It means that a player can refuse to answer a single question.


A person will stand in front of all players, and every other player will ask that standing player a question until all 21 questions become completed. The standing contestant will have 2 passes to deny any answer. After the completion of all 21 questions, another player will be selected to stand and answering the questions.

Things To Keep in Mind

Don’t ask a question that can hurt someone. Suppose someone did break up in recent times. Don’t ever ask about anything related to love or something like that. This type of question can hurt him/her.

Is game converting into the conversation? Let it be. You are playing this game to know about other persons, and this communication will explore them more. You can get back to the game when the conversation got an end.

Checkout good truth or dare questions.

List of 21 Questions Game

What is the craziest thing you have ever done to get the attention of your crush?

This question will allow you to get to know his/her crush and the way he/she tried to impress the crush. You will also know who is the crush — pretty tricky question.

How you summarize your life in 5 sentences?

Summarizing a big thing into a little piece of chuck is hard. So this tricky question will get the player into deep thought. You can make the condition of 2 sentences as well. With this question, you will explore his/her past life.

If you have a chance to go in the future or past? What will be your preference?

This question is much tricky, and you can explore the whole life of someone through this. There are only two options for the future and past. If the player had a bad history, he/she will surely go back and wants to change it. But if he/she wants to visit the future, the candidate is happy with his/her life.

What is your favorite game in childhood to play?

This question can help you to find some common grounds, especially if you are playing with your life partner girlfriend or boyfriend. You can bring a lot of childhood memories through this.

If you got a chance to live in any country, What it would be?

You will quickly know the destination or desire of your friend. You can ask this question to your boyfriend or girlfriend as well. The same grounds can also be found in it. Checkout all countries at wikipedia.

Which quote do you want to write on your gravestone?

Well, this question can embarrass someone, but this is the beauty of questions for 21 questions game. Quote the player will choose, will show the ups and downs of his/her life. You will also get to know if the player has something to confess.

What cause will you choose to spend your life on it?

Do you want to know the passion of your partner? This question will show you his/her passion for life. You will see the dedication of this particular player.

A thing that parents have to stop teaching to their children?

It will give a glimpse of which type of parent they are going to be. This question will show their standings in society as well. You may find something exciting things about parenting.

What do you think about astrology? What does your star say?

Astrology is an exciting field of interest. Some of us are super curious about our future and stars to explain it a little bit of it. You may find out the interest of the player in it.

Do you believe that sacrificing 1 life to save 10 is okay?

This is a highly tricky and moral standing checker question. We rate this question one of the best in 21 questions game list. You will know their thoughts about morality and ethics. Further, you can do a followup of this question by saying that if that one life will be mine. What will you do? This followup will make it a little bit difficult.

One thing you can change by going is the past? What will it be, and why?

Going in the past is fantastic. This thought is generating thousands of questions. Although it is not possible until now still this is attractive. There are many things we want to change, and this question will surely reveal something.

You are going to have 3 cars. Which companies will you prefer?

You can ask this question to a guy, and you will get the answer immediately. You will know the taste you boy quickly.

Which movie or book you think is overrated?

You can reveal a couple of things with this question. 1st, you will know that the other person is interested in books or movies. The 2nd thing is, what the player hated most will be the overrated thing in his/her opinion.

What makes you angry the most?

What matters how much you are cool minded. At some point, anyone can be angry. You can easily determine their weak point to make them angry anytime.

What dress do you wear when you sleep?

We will list this question in naughty questions. You can get very private information. Some persons sleep naked, or maybe other’s wear something. This question can embarrass a lot.

A Song Which will reflect your whole life? 

Music is the food of the soul. There must be a song which will reflect opponents entire life. You can judge some of his/her past through this song. Overall this will be a good question to ask. 

What do you prefer? Happiness or Truth?

Happiness is a source of joy. Truth can also be fruitful, but many times it’s not true. This question will show you how they think about themselves. Its all about mental health and strength

What superpower will you have if you could?

There are many super hero’s in the movie world like batman, superman, wonder woman, and many others. It is an excellent question to ask if your conversation is getting annoying.

If you can change yourself into an animal, what it would be, and why?

This is a funny question to ask in 21 questions game. I don’t even know why I mentioned this question here. Lol. Well, we can expect some witty replies to this question. 

if you can change your profession, what it would be?

When you know, you have a chance to get training from top professionals from a specific field. It can be someone’s heart’s voice to switch the profession into the desired one. 

Life taught lessons to everyone. What is your biggest learned lesson?

Right now, we are purely trying to explore the past of another player. We learn from life when we make mistakes. Through this question, the opponent will reveal his/her secret mistakes where he/she has learned something valuable. 


There are many games you can play at the party, including 21 questions game, truth or dare, and many others. We have arranged a list of good questions for 21 questions game. You can use it to play. Remember, always that you are going to have fun. Don’t try to embarrass or hurt someone. 

Do you have some better options? Let us know, and we will replace these questions with ours.  

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